1998 Nobel Prize In Medicine  
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Nobel Prize in Medicine

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email us at bballas456@sbcglobal.net for more information.
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Please call your free health coach Ron or Barbara at 530-830-2451
or email us at bballas456@sbcglobal.net.

Kevin at 810 320-3165 or email at hearthealth100@gmail.com

Learn the ProArgi-9 Story:

Nitric oxide is an emerging secret for powerful cardiovascular protection. Only recently identified, scientists were awarded a Nobel Prize in 1998 for their discoveries concerning nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system. ProArgi9+ uses the amino acid L-arginine to produce nitric oxide in an optimized way to enhance your cardiovascular system. Dr. Joseph Prendergast, board-certified in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, researched L-arginine and contributed to the development of Synergy’s signature product, ProArgi-9 Plus. L-arginine’s antioxidant properties support various bodily systems and may protect against heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, as well as slowing premature aging. ProArgi9+ uses pharmaceutical grade L-arginine which converts to nitric oxide that relaxes blood vessels, reduces stress on the heart, improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. The High Desert Heart Institute has performed a human clinical study using ProArgi9+ with profound health benefits in February 2009. Other L-arginine products include ProArgi9+ Active and e9 Energy. For more information and for alternatives to prescription medication for Circulation, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides, Diabetes, and Blocked Arteries contact

Barbara www.Ballas.MySynergy.net  530 830-2451 California

Kevin  www.argi9solution.com/kevindarden  810 320-3165 Michigan

NO More Cardiovascular Disease: Barbara Ballas and Kevin Darden are Independent Synergy Worldwide Distributors focused on using ProArgi9+ for cardiovascular health and improved circulation. ProArgi9+ has been endorsed by the Hippocrates Health Institute. ProArgi-9+ has been approved for inclusion in the 2014 Physicians’ Desk Reference.

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